Optometry FORWARD - Contribute Here

Optometry FORWARD has been created by the NHOA Board of Directors to help  raise dedicated and needed funds strictlyfor legislative efforts. While  NHOA-PAC has been instrumental in building grassroots relationships through direct candidate campaign contributions, there are many legislative expenses that are beyond the realm of PAC contributions and beyond the limit of NHOA dues and event revenue. Examples of additional legislative expenses include:

  • Hiring additional lobbyists to supplement our primary NHOA lobbyist
  • Expenses associated with bringing in expert in-person testimony for legislative hearings
  • Hosting regional events around the state with NH legislators to educate and demonstrate the education and skill set of today’s optometrists
  • Hosting a centralized event with on-site laser demonstration to highlight safety
  • Public Relations campaign to increase support and combat heinous false accusations by the opposition

EVERY full-time practicing optometrist in NH is expected to give at the Advocate or Leader level or above. You will reap far more financial benefit with our legislative success.

Retired and part-time practicing optometrists, students, and new graduates on the ascending dues scale are expected to give at the Supporter or Advocate level or above. We need every one of you to help to whatever extent you can to move our profession forward.  Now is the time to invest in moving Optometry FORWARD.

There is no required minimum or maximum contribution.

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