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Welcome to the New Hampshire Optometrist Advocacy Center!

In 2022 NHOA claimed two victories, but we need your help to build on what we have accomplished to prepare for our next important priorities

This year you may have noticed that the request for PAC contributions was missing from the annual dues statement. Our migration to the AOA platform for dues billing and payments did not allow time for implementation, and as a result, the NHOA PAC funds are severely lagging behind previous years. Thankfully we are up-and-running if you wish to make a contribution via credit card click here.

Your funds, time, and passion have been the reason why we have been able to make advances in our profession while also playing defense against hurtful legislation.

This year we succeeded in updating the New Hampshire glaucoma statute to allow treatment of all glaucoma by ODs, an overdue but meaningful accomplishment.

We also succeeded in preventing an onerous and just plain bad idea that would have required the pupillary distance measurement be included in all prescriptions and allowed opticians to adjust that measurement, in essence allowing opticians to change a prescription!

As a result, over the past year:

  • our grassroots network is stronger than it’s been in 20 years,
  • we recruited more NHOA members into active involvement in our political & legislative efforts,
  • NHOA gained substantial support within the legislature both in numbers and passion, and
  • the reputation and understanding of Optometry among legislators are notably enhanced.

It is crucial that we continue to build upon these accomplishments, and part of that effort is to support those in the legislature who have demonstrated support for Optometry and Optometry’s role in health care.

Additionally, a full third of N.H. Senators have chosen to not run for re-election, meaning we have a lot of work to do to in educating new members, but that means those NHOA champions that remain are even more important.

Please contribute today to NHOA PAC– your contribution now is more meaningful than ever.

The New Hampshire Optometric Association (NHOA) is the professional association representing the vast majority of New Hampshire’s practicing Doctors of Optometry.  We were founded over 110 years ago and have served our members and the citizens of New Hampshire all the years of our existence.  We are affiliated with the American Optometric Association.

Acting as an advocate for optometric vision care in the political and regulatory processes

The AOA-PAC and NHOA-PAC are great ways to make our collective voices heard on issues of importance to our great profession. While many members contribute through the automatic dues checkoff, more (and larger) contributions are always welcome and needed!

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To donate via personal check, please make your donation payable to NHOA PAC and mail it to:

C/O Dr. Tony Sacco
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