Welcome to the New Hampshire Optometrist Advocacy Center!

The New Hampshire Optometric Association (NHOA) is the professional association representing the vast majority of New Hampshire’s practicing Doctors of Optometry. We were founded over 110 years ago and have served our members and the citizens of New Hampshire all the years of our existence.  We are affiliated with the American Optometric Association.

Acting as an advocate for optometric vision care in the political and regulatory processes

The AOA-PAC and NHOA-PAC are great ways to make our collective voices heard on issues of importance to our great profession. While many members contribute through the automatic dues checkoff, more (and larger) contributions are always welcome and needed!

To contribute to the NHOA-PAC, mail a check directly to

Tony Sacco
21 Green Street
Concord NH 03301

To contribute to the AOA-PAC, go online and go to www.aoapac.org/donate.
You must be an AOA member and a US citizen to donate to the AOA-PAC.

Donate to NHOA PAC

New Hampshire state elected officials determine state policy that affects NH-licensed ODs on things like scope of practice, tele-medicine and health insurance policy.




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